Lucian Cramba is founder and CEO of and will be joining us in PriceCon to talk about his experience developing his innovative app

Lucian, tell us a few things about yourself, what are you working on and what drives you in life?
I was always an optimistic person who wants to create great things and bring a change in this word. The ideea of FastOrder App came a few years ago, when I owned a bar in Alba Iulia (Romania), and I saw there was no efficient way to serve a bunch of people during rush hours. So, with FastOrder App I’m hoping to make a change in this industry and help people really enjoy their free time in a restaurant.

What motivated you to design the Fast Order App and what experience do you want customers to have?
The trust for my product, which I want to see in other people’s eyes too. We, and by we – I mean my awesome team members, have created an easy and user friendly application, in the idea of ​​having a new ordering experience in a restaurant.


Your website doesn’t have information on your pricing. How do you plan on monetizing your business?
We don’t have information about our pricing plan on the website, because it’s different from country to country and it depends on how we negotiate it with our resellers.

What do you expect of PriceCon and what will you be sharing with the audience?
Can people get in contact with you, and how? What are you able to offer or share?

I’ve heard that a lot of motivated & inspiring people are coming to this event, so I’m looking forward to meet at least a part of them. For PriceCon, I’ll present the new & interesting features, provided by the app (exclusively for the event).

My piece of advice for you, is to never lose hope and always push harder and harder to achieve your dream. At the beginning, FastOrder App was a small application, with only 3 buttons and an ordering one. Now, everything is changed. Can’t wait to show it to all of you!

On the website:, you’ll see all the contact details you may need, so please feel free to ask or send any feedback. We’ll appreciate it!

Thank you Lucian for this short introduction! We’re looking forward to having you at PriceCon 2017!


Meet Lucian at PriceCon 2017

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