„I learned that pricing is not just putting a price on what we sell“


Interviewing Ganesh Muren, a true social entrepreneur from Malaysia and speaker at 2017 PriceCon.


Let’s keep it short and simple – who are you and what company do you work for?

I am Ganesh Muren, just another human. But I have a strong affinity towards making this world a better place for everyone, and that’s why I founded Saora Industries.

What exactly does Saora Industries do?

We focus on delivering solutions through water purification systems and solar energy, we believe in touching and uplifting lives through green technology.

What do you like the best about Saora Industries?

We are always true to our values and priorities. We value integrity and our priority is the people we work with. This makes being in Saora a very challenging and at the same time fulfilling experience for me.

How important is pricing for your company?

Being a start up and running a business that involves products and services, we cannot escape from keeping the balance between making a profit and at the same time keep our current clients happy and attract new ones.

What is the most important thing you learned about pricing in the past?

It is a very important component that defines and drives many aspects of business, our strategy, positioning, marketing, our priorities. I learned that pricing is not just putting a price on what we sell.

Why should people not miss talking to you at PriceCon?

Saora is operating in a market that is dominated by giants and heavily regulated by government and international bodies. We were able to enter as a start up and show people that we deliver value for money. We made a lot of mistakes, we survived, we evolved, we’ve grown and we’re still here. And that is what I want to share.

What do you expect from the event – what do you want to learn?

I want to learn so many things! Events like this bring together the success stories and failures of so many entrepreneurs. I know I will be able to learn from the experiences of more established businesses and at the same time get insights from how thriving global Startups do what they do.

Any message for people who still think about coming, but haven’t got their Ticket yet?

PriceCon will open up avenues for conversations, sharing and learning. If you want your business to have a competitive edge and thrive, this event will help set you off on the right path. So, what are you waiting for… get your tickets.


About Ganesh Muren

With Saora Industries Ganesh – a true social entrepreneur – looks into bringing affordable high impact technological solutions to rural and marginalized communities. His Solar Powered Water Purification can deliver clean and safe drinking water from various water sources. This innovation has been showcased to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Sri Najib Razak during the inaugural launch of MaGIC by President Barack Obama. It’s widely recognized from the Malaysian Global Creativity Centre, Stanford University, Harvard University and Laureate International Universities. Ganesh now works alongside global academics, field experts and renowned organizations to collectively research and develop solutions towards clean and safe drinking water.


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