Meet our next speaker: Alexei Chemenda



Alexei has graduated from EPITA – as a software engineer – but he is now fully focused on growing his business in the US. Alexei is the co-founder of MotionLead, a YC-backed ad-tech company. In May 2015, MotionLead got acquired and merged with Adikteev. The group has now 80+ people in 3 countries. He spends his time between Berlin, SF, New York and Paris every month. A year ago he also started angel investing (10+ companies) and will be a lot more active in 2017.

Check out his stage talk at a Berlin event of The Family (famous/hilarious french startup supporters) here (link to Youtube)!


We admire Alexei’s tremendous passion, energy and work ethic which has brought him to where he is today. We’re thankful to announce him as one of our next speakers at PriceCon 2017!


Meet Alexei at PriceCon 2017

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