We’ve interviewed Miriam Mertens, who will introduce Telekom’s TechBoost program at PriceCon. It’s a chance for technology startups to get 100.000 € credit for the Open Telekom Cloud. Any startup interested has the chance to directly connect to the decision makers at PriceCon.



Hi Miriam, you and your team are responsible for startup collaborations, please give us a brief overview what that means exactly.

We are the bridge-builder between startups and SMEs. Why? Because Startups and SMEs need each other to foster innovation and drive digitization in Germany. The one and only solution to match the potential of startups and requirements of SMEs into one successful concept is to bring both sides together.
So our SME customers can make use of innovative solutions from startups and startups get in contact with potential customers.

At PriceCon you will talk about a specific program called TechBoost, what makes it special and who should know more about it?

Our goal is to bring Tech startups to the top! Therefore, we launched our Telekom startup program TechBoost which fast-tracks selected technology startups with €100,000 credit for the Open Telekom Cloud and discounts on mobile phone, landline and internet tariffs.
In addition to access to the cloud, we facilitate market access to medium-sized customers. Selected startups can make use of our unique support such as a sales cooperation, a business model or shared communication.

How do you foresee collaboration in the future between startups and corporates and how do you plan to contribute to that collaboration yourself?

In order to scale innovation partnerships we need strong platforms where startups and SMEs meet each other – technological platforms and business platforms.
Our role is to provide these platforms, e.g. by opening our Open Telekom Cloud infrastructure to startups and SMEs and by bringing together the right startups and SME customers that meet each others´ demands.

Miriam, thank you very much for the interview, we’re looking forward to meeting you at PriceCon and hearing more about the program.


Read more about the TechBoost program here TechBoost for Startups (Booklet).




Miriam Mertens gained her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. She studied Computer Science and Economics. With more than ten years of experience in marketing, sales and the development of new business areas, Miriam Mertens has a proven understanding of startups and implementation of startup based innovations. Her entrepreneurial spirit is beneficial for her position as Vice President for startup cooperations at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Here she acts as bridge-builder between startups and SMEs. Next to valuable contacts to companies the newly launched startup-program „TechBoost“ includes an extensive range of products for startups.


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