Online Pricing: „Pricing can be higher than previously thought“


Samuel Atlhlan recently joined StarOfService in Paris. Previously, he’s founded his own startup and worked in product management for another international company. In this interview Sam talks about his passions in life and work and what he’ll be sharing at PriceCon 2017.


Sam, tell us a few things about yourself, what are you working on and what drives you in life?

Recently, I started at StarOfService, a worldwide marketplace of B2C services. The mission is great and there are a lot of possibilities to master the product to become the world’s greatest place to find services. That’s what I came for : a real mission! I live a life full of passion. I am married and have a daughter and I care about these areas in my life.


Have you had your own founding experience before?

I founded 3 years ago, the first company that delivers tampons & pads in an hour, firstly operated in Paris, called SOS Ragnagna. It was interesting to start from nothing & having to learn & iterate, especially on pricing as we had to know how much people would pay for that kind of urgency service. It gave me an overview of the importance of A/B testing, and being data-driven regarding pricing. My final aim was to create a monthly subscription of tampons & pads, because I believe in this recurring business happening monthly 🙂


How do you think young founders and businesses see the topic of pricing?

Pricing is often polarized on the ones that know everything and the ones that don’t care. In fact, pricing is very important in your product. In marketing, for a product to be successful, we must be careful on four areas, what we call the 4 Ps : Product, Price, Place & Promotion. Indeed, price is very important in this process and I personally recommend to make a quick benchmark, then talk to your customers (or your target customers for a pre-launch) to determine your first price. Then, you can A/B test your price during your first phases and you can be very astonished about the results as pricing can be higher than you previously thought.

To conclude, pricing is a touchy topic, be careful about it, but don’t be focus only on pricing, it must reflect the added value of your product.


What do you expect of PriceCon and what will you be talking about?

PriceCon is a very interesting conference as it is centered over pricing, it has never been done before and it could become THE reference for pricing in startups & product management.

I will talk about interesting facts about pricing such as the new ways of online newspaper are pricing their products (and how to learn from it) or how psychology can drive people to buy things. You will learn tricks to better price your products online and also have a little bit of theory to add to your rushes day-to-day!


How can people reach out to you and what are you able to offer or share?

People can get in contact with me via Linkedin and Twitter „@samuelathlan„, they can ping me prior the PriceCon with pleasure.


Thank you Sam for this interesting interview! We’re are very much looking forward to having you with us at PriceCon 2017 Bonn.


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