“PriceCon” event coming to Bonn: Exploring pricing & monetization strategies for entrepreneurs

For one day attendees and renowned speakers exchange on how startups and businesses can build sustainable business models by applying successful pricing techniques & tactics

On the 29th of June PriceCon opens its doors for the first time. This 1-day event is exploring new ways of how startups and businesses can build sustainable business models by identifying ways to monetize their products and services and by applying successful pricing techniques and tactics.

Speakers at the event include experienced startup & business founders as well as pricing experts and consultants talking to us from their real-life experiences and challenges, putting together their insights and know-hows in an actionable and interactive setting. Among them the founders of the American startup called ‘Dollar Beard Club’ sharing insights on their disruptive pricing strategy, Meri Sorgaard, Product Marketing Manager at Norwegian startup ‚Appear.in‚ talking about how they moved from a freemium service to sell premium features, and Lucian Cramba, founder and CEO of the Romanian startup ‚Fast Order App‘ presenting how they adapt their pricing to different markets. More talks will deliver insights on different pricing related topics e.g. value added pricing, behavioral pricing, pricing in highly competitive markets or individualized pricing.

The concept of PriceCon is coming from Cedric Teichmann who’s also actively contributing to the local startup scene and co-founded the community organization ‘StartupBonn’. “There are two reasons why we decided to go for this topic and event type”, Teichmann says. “Pricing basically concerns everyone, from the young founders to the well-established businesses and corporates. Bonn is also the headquarter of Simon, Kucher & Partners which rates as world leading in price consulting. It is also one of our goals to highlight strengths and particularities of Bonn. Therefore, we’d be delighted to see a close participation of Simon, Kucher & Partners in addition to the other international speakers.”

The event will be hosted at Deutsche Telekom’s headquarters in Friedrich-Ebert-Allee.




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PriceCon – „A 1-day conference style event exploring new ways of building sustainable business models by applying successful pricing techniques & tactics.“


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