Modernization and Cost Savings


The implementation of digital displays offers a strategic solution for price updates, replacing the conventional paper-based process and achieving significant time and cost savings for retailers.


The remarkable screen clarity with wide range of design options in various colors, provides the ability to display additional information, greatly improving the user experience for both the retailer and the customer.
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Enhance Price Management For Maximum Efficiency

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Cut down time and costs of manual price updates
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Improve the accuracy of pricing information and effectively eliminate any inaccuracies
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Evaluate pricing strategies and utilize data-driven insights to optimize pricing decisions
Price Management
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Rapid Price Changes
Updating up to 5,000 screens within a 30-minute timeframe
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Easy-to-Use Software
from any location using any smart device and/or cloud infrastructure
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Pre-Planned Promotions
optimize promotional campaigns for maximum efficiency
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  • Cost Optimization
    lower the expenses of conventional price updates
  • Human Resource Optimization
    optimize workforce productivity for peak output
  • Avoid and Prevent Price Errors
    ensure price consistency to prevent checkout errors and customer frustration
  • Increase Sales Efficiency
    drive sales, expand customer reach, and enhance brand recognition